Wellfleet Oysters - Cape Cod Bay - Docena

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Ostras frescas y vivas. Cantidades limitadas. Ordene con tiempo y se entregan el jueves y viernes entre 11:00 am y 4:00 pm.  Orden mínima de ostras es 12 unidades para recoger y 24 unidades para entrega.

The nutrient rich coastal waters of this region are fed by currents originating in northern Maine & the Canadian Maritime Provinces. The phytoplankton rich waters provide the Wellfleet oysters everything they need to produce a consistently exceptional oyster. The relatively cold water helps slow the metabolism of the oyster, which causes the oyster to build reserves of glycogen which gives the oyster a sweeter flavor. Wellfleet oysters have a relatively high salinity index of 28 parts/thousand.

They are a bottom cultured oyster and twice daily Wellfleets are exposed on the beach as the tides recede. This results in giving their meats a firm texture, as they are accustomed to holding their shells tightly closed until the tides return. It takes between 2-3 years to cultivate a 3” Wellfleet oyster.